Which digital platforms should you utilize for your ICO?

When preparing to launch your ICO, the number of potential digital platforms to utilize can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide analyzes the top 10 digital platforms companies utilize to market their ICO.

#1: Telegram
Overview: Telegram is a free messaging app that functions on both mobile and desktop devices. Telegram has quickly become a staple in the cryptocurrency community. Companies preparing to launch an ICO frequently create a Telegram group for their potential investors to discuss among themselves and have their questions answered by company staff (admins).
Pros: Private, cloud-based, customizable, multiple users can have ‘admin’ status, and widely accessible.
Cons: Breeding ground for scammers – if you’re going to utilize Telegram your team needs to have systems in place to prevent ‘phishing’ practices.

#2: Facebook
Overview: Facebook business pages are a great way to communicate new information to your user base.
Pros: No character limit, largest digital platform, multiple users can be made an ‘admins’, and your Facebook page can be used to facilitate messages between users and company staff.
Cons: Can NOT run ads for your ICO through Facebook’s native ad manager.

#3: Reddit
Overview: Reddit is a platform that’s been utilized by the cryptocurrency community since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009. It consists of countless topic specific boards called ‘subreddits’. The best way to utilize Reddit is to proactively create a subreddit for your token.
Pros: Large population of cryptocurrency investors present on the platform, subreddits are highly customizable, and multiple users can have ‘admin’ status.
Cons: Reddit has been known to have its fair share of ‘trolls’ (users who disrupt the conversation taking place on the platform just for fun). That being said, it’s very easy to simply ban these users from your subreddit.

#4: Twitter
Overview: Twitter is a great platform to consistently update your user base. Twitter is a platform where you truly can’t post too much – the platform is designed for a high volume of brief posts (called ‘Tweets’). Each Tweet is limited to 280 characters (that’s right, it’s no longer 140 characters).
Pros: Retweets have the potential to increase your token’s exposure and your Twitter page can be used to facilitate messages between users and company staff.
Cons: Can NOT run ads for your ICO through Twitter’s native ad manager.

#5: Medium
Overview: Medium is an online publishing platform that allows users to upload ‘articles’ to the site. For companies preparing for an ICO, it’s ideal to proactively create a Medium page and populate it with in-depth articles that explain the mission and technology behind your new token.
Pros: Allows you to convey large amounts of information to your user base and increases your companies organic exposure (as your medium page will be ‘searchable’ during potential investors web searches).
Cons: No native ad manager to grow your Medium following.

#6: YouTube
Overview: YouTube is owned by Google and arguably the second largest search engine in the world. That being said, if your company does not have video content, then this platform is not for you.
Pros: Ability to customize channel, ability to monetize views, and ability to convey large amounts of information to your user base (in video form).
Cons: Can NOT run ads for your ICO through YouTube’s native ad manager.

#7: GitHub
Overview: GitHub is a platform for technologically savvy users. It allows companies to post their code and the projects that they’re working on, so potential investors can review.
Pros: Heavily utilized by cryptocurrency investors and the ability to have potential questions answered by the educated user base.
Cons: This is a premium service, there’s not the option to have a free account.

#8: Bitcointalk
Overview: BitcoinTalk is an online forum for everything relating to cryptocurrency. Believe it or not, Bitcointalk was create by Satoshi Nakamoto himself in 2009.
Pros: EVERY user on the platform is a potential investor
Cons: The site’s organization can be slightly confusing. Also, it can be rather difficult to establish credibility on the site (each user has a rating next to their name which shows how much they’ve contributed to the community).

#9: LinkedIn
Overview: LinkedIn is a great platform to utilize so potential investors can learn about the members of your company / team. Create a ‘company’ LinkedIn page which all employees are ‘linked’ to and add all necessary resources (such as a link to the website, whitepaper, etc.).
Pros: Passively gains exposure for your token by having your company listed in employee’s personal LinkedIn pages and could serve as a source to hire new employees if needed.
Cons: In our experience, it can be rather difficult to grow a large following on a company LinkedIn page.

#10: Instagram
Overview: Instagram is owned by Facebook and consistents of a younger user base (compared to the other platforms listed). To successfully utilize this platform, your company needs to have a large amount of photo and video marketing material.
Pros: There’s not a lot of cryptocurrency companies exceling on Instagram (meaning the competition is minimal).
Cons: Can only post links in your bio, 60 second video limit, and you can NOT run ads for your ICO through Instagram’s native ad manager.