King for a Day: The Flight of a Telegram Admin

It started innocuously enough, “Is there an admin here?”

The role of a Telegram Admin in the cryptocurrency space can be a roller-coaster. I’ve spoken with some other Administrators / community managers to get their insight on what it means to be effective, the trials and tribulations, and the surprises along the way.

When your channel kicks off, it can be slow to gain traction and begin building a committed base. Building a base of engaged users that are genuinely interested in your product/service, and within your target market can be even more difficult. Listening to the audience and relaying those needs and values to the rest of your team will be imperative to the organic growth of your channel. Showing that a team has respect for the opinions of their community members, especially the early backers, can go an extremely long way. Do you think Apple released their first IPod without the opinions of hundreds of people? Certainly not. A truly great product/service learns to adopt, and communicating that in a community, will make an admins life so much less stressful.

Engagement can be the most frustrating part of the whole task. Doing so without a million gifs, or avoiding the cliches such as the oh so popular “when moon,” will help foster conversation that is dedicated to the future of the company. Asking questions to your audience, answering whatever questions they may have, and directing them to existing resources is where most of the Admins time is spent at this point.

As the audience grows to a critical mass, the role of the admin changes with the needs of the group. Requests for the same information from multiple members becomes redundant, and the patience of the Admin is tested. Marketing, media, and development news is of paramount importance at this stage. Admins are answering questions on the latest information and querying the development team when needed to answer pertinent community questions and concerns. If you have a bot to remove the “(insert name) join the group” then you are in luck. If not, you will be stuck with an overwhelming amount of “welcome to the community.”

Next comes the mad-rush of growth that will lead you straight through the Token Launch. If you thought the patience required previously was a test, you were really only getting started. Following the serge, come an insult here and there, people don’t get along, swears are used, and you ban them all! This is where community rules are critical, and you are firm to enforce them. External links, get them out of here!

Being the community head has extreme ups and downs. You’ll get questions that are practically impossible to answer because your blockchain dev knowledge is lacking, or a troll leads you down a rabbit hole and it takes you one to many messages to catch on.