Basic ICO Guidelines

1. Respect your Community

Give them the information they deserve
● Being Transparent is KEY
● If you hide things now, who’s to say you won’t later?
Sure you can sell out your ICO in the presale, if you have the right team and a good idea.
● Brands that will SURVIVE, and not become useless shitcoins, need a steady backing of honest community members that see the vision. If your plan is for mass adoption, and to truly decentralize global markets, you need to win over the masses and not just a group of 100 whales. Start this from the beginning, and it will benefit you greatly in the end.
If they raise concerns about your dev, address them immediately, not “soon” or “in due time”
● If you can’t supply the answer, MAKE IT HAPPEN. When a community member brings up something crucial and critical, don’t just ban them. Yes there are plenty of trolls, but there are also these things called honest concerns. If there is a flaw in your tech or idea, IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO FIX IT.

2. Just because other ICO’s are doing it, doesn’t mean you have to

Kick your pride to the curb, and ditch the vanity metrics.
● Who cares if a new ICO ran an airdrop for $5 million and gave away xxx,xxx tokens, it doesn’t mean YOU HAVE TO.
● Airdrops are a great way to spread awareness for your coin, but just because you have 50,000 telegram users doesn’t mean a thing if your tech isn’t going to do something. Oh and the SEC might not like this very much, but that’s up to your law team 🙂
● Do yourself a favor, don’t focus on only one social channel. Again, the vanity metric of 50,000 telegram users means practically nothing.

3. You are running a potential multi-million, or billion even, dollar business, carry yourself as such.

● Yes all of the emojis are cute and “when moon” is so fun to say over and over again. You don’t see the Apples, and Microsofts of the world expressing the potential of their product with some cute characters.
● The whitepaper should be your holy grail, and respected as a contract. Read it 400 times and have someone with every single varying point of view read over it. More often than not you have a global team, utilize that diversity to the maximum! “Group Think” can KILL an ICO. Just because your savvy group of investors thinks its brilliant, doesn’t mean it is.
● It is definitely great to have team members and executives jump into community chats from time to time. This can be great for transparency and give your community something to believe in. But if your CEO and founders are in the chat ALL DAY LONG and analyzing every single little sentiment, does that mean they don’t have CEO things to do? Top ranking executives should be negotiating the BIG DEALS that will get a firm to the top, not spending every waking moment concerned that some troll talked trash in their telegram.

4. Don’t Rush It

● Of course you want to get this investor money ASAP, but developing at least an MVP/demo/beta/alpha will give investors SOMETHING TO HOLD ON TO and look forward to.
● Who says you need to launch your marketing one month before the ICO? Build the hype as much as possible. Give time to work things out and foster a community that will go to the ends of the earth for this business.
● Make a contingency plan. It’s ok if things have to change, but if you pre-meditate the changes, you will be so far ahead of the curve and everyone will respect that you were quick to act. Unless of course you sell out your ICO in the presale, that might not go over the best.